Melrose Park Neighbors Association is an organization of neighbors dedicated to creating a better life and environment for residents in this area and the vicinity.  We are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging neighborliness and making it easier for neighbors to get to know one another.
  • Improving the environment, including water, air and noise.
  • Enhancing the beauty of the neighborhood, including floral beautification, and artistic endeavors.
  • Enhancing the presence of culture in our lives, in as many media and avenues as possible.
  • Encouraging ethnic, religious and cultural diversity in our neighborhood and organization.
  • Eliminating or reducing traffic problems, such as dangerous intersections, speeding, and more.
  • Working with SEPTA to improve its transportation system as it relates to Melrose Park.
  • Recording and spreading word of the history of our neighborhood and region.
  • Encouraging the kind of economic development that we believe would be beneficial to our neighborhood.
  • Responding to the needs and wishes of neighbors as they arise.
  • Working with Commissioners and all levels of government to provide input that affects our lives.
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