Citizens in Action  (History before 1990)


Melrose Park Improvement Association protects Cheltenham Township’s residential areas

By Janice L. Booker


Suburban Life North; Covering Eastern Montgomery County -  February/March 1969, Pages 12-14 & 33


Picture Melrose Park about 60 or 70 years ago: Sparsely settled, large imposing mansions in the grand manner surrounded by enormous tracts undeveloped land. The railroad com­prised the township transportation sys­tem and stopped every two or three blocks to discharge and pick up pass­engers. The patriarchs supervised their large acreage and the matriarchs met occasionally for tea. When winter came, the citizens hibernated. Social activiti­es centered around the family and life was comfortable - but sometimes very lonely. There seemed to be a need for communication with one’s neighbor, a reaching out for relationships beyond the family.  So, with man’s instinctive urge to herd together, the Melrose Park Improvement Association came into existence.          READ MORE..........



History of the Melrose Park Neighbors Association (History after 1990)


The Melrose Park Improvement Association was dormant for many years.  Around 1990, Andrew Rudin saw it listed in a publication from Nancy Gibson, the Information Officer within Cheltenham Township’s administration building.
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